Private Instruction

In the days before the printing press and the internet, yoga was a tradition that was orally passed down by a Guru (teacher) to the student. Today, we have many luxuries that in the olden days they did not have but something golden was lost. There is a very special moment when a teacher and student connect on a personal level. Sacred Rose Yoga offers private instruction to rekindle that unique connection. Each private session is tailored to fit the students desires, needs, physical abilities, scheduling and lifestyle. With attention to detail and a thorough assessment, Rose will utilize her knowledge of Ayurveda, Western Medicine, Reiki, Yoga , Meditation, Essential Oil Therapy and Addiction Recovery to come up with a plan that works best for the individual student. Private sessions can be taught individually or to small groups. Please see the documents linked below for more information, otherwise you can contact Rose for prices and other information. Rose also offers consultations, one on one instruction and guidance via Skype Facetime via smart phone or over chat on AIM. To find Rose on Skype, please search under the username SacredRoseYoga or find her by email address[at] For Skype/Facetime pricing please contact Rose directly.

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