Age of Aquarius, a Woman's Circle

Age of Aquarius, a Woman's Circle  is part of a dream, a wish and a prayer to bring women together in a city where competition is not only encouraged but expected for success. Age of Aquarius hopes to show that women can get together, enjoy each other's company without the drama and unnecessary non-sense. One can expect to discuss real issues women face during a time when the sacred feminine is rising and gaining strength. This group will act as a foundation for women to come to and feel at home to be the beautiful spirits that they are.

Rose Ghavami hosts and facilitates a circle to gather women to not only discuss various topics, share stories, dance, craft, potluck, meditate, do yoga, but even to showcase your skills. It is the intention that we can develop a network to create a loving, empowering and supportive environment for all to thrive. Each event will revolve around a different theme/topic. All discussions and crafts, etc will be based around that the chosen topic at hand. Topics are voted on in previous gatherings. However, if Spirit calls for the circle to move in another direction, it will be honored. So you just never know what magic might arise! 

We gather on a monthly basis the last Sunday of the month from 5-7:30pm. The circle is free but we ask for a donation of however much you can afford to help pay for renting the space.
 If you are interested to facilitate or share your expertise, please contact Rose at[@] to participate, otherwise just come with an open mind, heart and vagina! Just kiddddingg :) But please all jokes aside this will be a safe and sacred circle to delve within our depths not only as women but as members of the human race.  Please encourage your girlfriends, moms, daughters, sisters, aunties, nieces, grandmas, cousins and friends to come along as we all share in this glorious time together. If you are on Facebook, please Like our page to be kept up to date with circles and other like-minded happenings. 
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Thank you and hope to see you in our circle soon!

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