Post Op Yoga

Sacred Rose Yoga now offers Post Op Yoga, a post surgery regiment to aide the healing process. 
Rose Ghavami is a certified yoga instructor that has spent many years working in and around the plastic surgery field. Having been a direct consultant to patients pre and post operatively, she has witnessed the kinds of external and internal changes that come about as the result of surgery. She understands the process from beginning to end but has always felt it important to address the "what to expect afterwards" with her patients. Naturally most patients fear the unknown but it is exactly this kind of anxiety and worry that can greatly retard the healing process and in some cases distort results. One must keep in mind that in order to have a happy and safe surgery one must not only be of sound health but also of sound mind. Rose uses yoga, meditation, diet consulting, and breath techniques to address each patient's individual needs pre and post operatively. Please see below for more info. 

How did this come about?
  Rose spent several years managing and consulting for her brother's plastic surgery medical practice and teaching yoga at nights and on the weekends. It was a dream of hers to somehow merge these two seemingly very distant worlds. It was through her own yoga practice that she learned that in order to be truly in tune with one's beingness, one must accept themselves as they are in this very sacred present moment. She struggled to understand how undergoing plastic surgery could actually help. She discovered that people turn to surgery for many reasons: some self-serving and some with greater intentions. She also learned the art of non-judgement for those who choose to do this and in turn cultivated compassion for her patients' journeys. It wasn't until Rose left her brother's practice to pursue teaching full time, that she discovered how to merge yoga and helping those who undergo surgery.
   Both Rose and her brother, Ashkan Ghavami, MD practice yoga and follow Ayurvedic regiments. They both believe in an integrative approach to helping their patients and students. Through the guidance of her brother, Rose developed a unique approach to the healing process.

What is Post Op Yoga?
   Post Op Yoga is the first of it's kind and not to be confused with Restorative Yoga. Post Op Yoga is specifically designed for anyone who has undergone surgery and is looking for alternative ways to quickly heal the body. Through a gentle and restorative yoga practice, breathing techniques, meditation and herbal supplementation, one can accelerate the healing process. Consistency, perseverance and patience is key!

How can Post Op Yoga help? 
  When the body experiences trauma in the form of surgery, it can take several months to heal and feel like yourself again. Through a guided private practice with Rose, you can begin practicing yoga in as early as 6 weeks post surgically. Yoga in general serves as a forum to invite Prana or life force (also known in chinese medicine as Chi or Qi) into the body. When there is injury, whether it be emotional or physical, Prana is lost. Yoga invites Prana back into the body to not only help enlighten but also heal. Yoga also helps to create a body-mind connection. With this awareness one is able to surrender to the healing process, detach from pain and in turn speed up the course of recovery.

Who is a candidate?
   No matter what kind of surgery you have had, be it plastic, bariatric or neurological- Yoga can help. The program for private instruction will vary depending on the type of surgery. Every regiment will be consulted with your doctor and to fit your needs.

Where do we practice?
   Post Op Yoga is offered in the privacy of your home. Sacred Rose Yoga provides all the equipement necessary.

How soon can we practice after my surgery?
  This varies depending on the type of surgery you have had. Some patients can begin their yoga practice as early as 6 weeks post surgically.

How much does this cost?
  Post Op Yoga is highly specialized and requires an in depth approach to accomplish. Every regiment is approved either by your doctor and/or Dr. Ashkan Ghavami . Rose uses her knowledge of anatomy and yoga to carefully design a sequence to fit your needs. Due to the nature of the program, Rose offers different pricing packages according to the surgery. Please see the Private Instruction page for application and waiver. (*please note the prices listed in the application are for non-Post Op Yoga students)

For more information and/or questions please contact Rose directly here.

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