Meet Rose Ghavami

  Rose first discovered yoga when she began to notice curious changes in her father, whom she affectionately calls "Buba" (daddy in Farsi). Buba was no longer recognizable to her. When she inquired, he told her the story of a miracle man named John Arnold. Wildly fascinated by this John who had bewitched her loving but stressed and hardened father, she stepped into his humble abode and much to her surprise walked into a path that would carry her for years to come. Following this event she quickly recognized the power that yoga can have, even over the most tough and stubborn people. What she experienced and continues to experience every day is what gave her the courage to pursue yoga as a lifelong practice. 
   Being a student of the arts, Rose incorporated her love of performance, dance, movement, philosophy, theology, and therapy into her yoga practice. Finding a platform that allows all of her good, bad, and ugly parts to dance together-yoga became a natural progression to move towards. It wasn't until she took the plunge and took her teacher training course through Yoga Works that she truly understood the abundance that yoga provides. Through a 500 hr program, she trained with world renown yogis such as Lisa Walford, Jeanne Heileman, Annie Carpenter, Malachi Melville, Jasmine Lieb, Carmen Fitzgibbon, and Birgitte Kristen. 
  After completing her teacher training in 2008 she became Yoga Alliance Certified at the 500hr level and is now teaching in a unique style which she calls Sacred Rose Yoga. Rose, utilizes a multi-faceted approach to entice not only the body, but also the mind, heart, senses and soul. Through the union of all these elements she creates a sacred space to delve deep within and awaken the divinity that lay dormant in so many of us.
  Inspired largely by Jeanne Heileman and Rod Stryker, her classes are strong yet incorporate the expansive qualities of Pranayama or breath work, the quieting subtleties of Meditation, the emphasis of alignment ala Iyengar, the movement and momentum of Vinyasa Flow, a knowledge of Ayurveda, and the subtle body elements of Tantra. Rose believes that less is more when it comes to a yoga practice and encourages her students to approach their practices as such.
 Rose continues her education in yoga by studying with senior teachers,
Jeanne Heileman, Rod Stryker, and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait by way of the Living Tantra series. 

Rose and her Buba
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