Mar 1, 2011

Travels and Training

Dearest Students I wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be traveling and training over the next few months so you may get subs. Please remember that it's important to keep consistency in your practice so regardless of who is teaching, please show up with an open heart and mind. My teacher Jeanne made the point that it's important to step outside of our comfort zones with our practices. It's easy to get caught up and attached to certain teachers and time slots but the truth of the matter is that, you should be practicing regardless of who is leading the class. There is ALWAYS something new to long as you're listening. Please note the following dates that I will be training and/or out of the country. Please check your studio's schedule for information on subs. Thank you in advance for understanding.

March 15-31
April 15-18
May 4-22

I promise to bring back new and fresh air from my trainings and travels so all will benefit. See you in class!

Smile. :D