Nov 3, 2010

Happy November!

This weekend we will turn the clocks back (Nov 7th at 2am), ringing in the fall to winter season. Naturally this time of year we draw inwards to shield from the colder weather but also to self-reflect and empower changes for the dawn of the new year. This is a time to surrender to change and allow the tide to take us where it will. I look forward to seeing you all in class where we spend our fall/winter months in the 4th Niyama (Observance), Svadhyaya which in English translates to Sva or self Adyaya  or investigation, inquiry. All classes will be dedicated to exploring our true nature and surrendering to what is. Please note classes will vary in tone based on time of the class and day of the week. I feel confident that our adventures will reveal interesting things and thus take us to deeper place within.

In addition, please note there will be some changes to the class schedule and you can view that here.

I am happy to be teaching in a beautiful new space in Downtown, LA starting in December. 118 Winston is a fabulous place for art, community, yoga, and commerce. You can view their website here. The class schedule is not quite complete yet so please check back on my site and/or theirs for more up to date info.

Thank you all and Happy Happy November!