Sep 15, 2012

It's been awhile. Just wanted to drop a line and say hello to everyone out there. Happy end of Summer!
Currently there are no group classes available but if you are interested in private guidance and sessions please contact me directly here. Sessions will vary depending on the individual needs of the client. Expect some yoga, meditation, pranayama, free form movement, dance, essential oil therapy and lifestyle counseling. Look forward to working with you! Namaste.

Oct 1, 2011

Happy Autumn!

Believe it or not it's Fall. Time is flying fast. Now's the time to deepen your yoga practice. Before you know it, winter will be upon us. To avoid getting fatigued or tired during this time, please be sure to rest plenty, get your yoga and quiet time in and take some time off to heal yourselves. 
Also, if you haven't already, I have a newsletter that I send out seasonally with some tips for health and general news. Check out the Autumn newsletter here. Please see my contact page to sign up for future newsletters. 

I've also recorded the first of many youtube videos, so I hope you enjoy. 

Thank you and Namaste!

Jul 7, 2011

The times they are'a changin'

Sacred Rose Yoga has stepped into the innovation and now offers one on one facetime and/or Skype consultations, yoga instruction and healing from the comfort of your home or smart phone, whether you're next door or across the world! Gotta love modern technology! For more info please email Rose by clicking here.  To find Rose on Skype, you can locate her by her email address or her username: SacredRoseYoga. Namaste!

Jul 6, 2011

Happy Summer!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. It sure is hot in Southern Cali, so if you need to cool down, reconnect and relax hop into any class this summer as the theme is..THE ART OF SLOWING DOWN. Sounds nice doesn't it? Curious? Come check me out. Please see my new summer schedule. I am also now offering various healing modalities depending on your needs. For more info, please email me at[at] Also, I'll be sending out my quarterly newsletter so if you haven't already subscribed please visit my contact page by clicking here. I leave you all with a summer tune enjoy and stay cool!

Jun 6, 2011

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Happy Almost Summer! A few changes have been made to my class schedule so please see this page for more info. Also, I'll be teaching two free workshops this coming weekend.

Saturday June 11th at 3:30pm I'll be teaching a free 30 min demo at the Yoga and Dance Tasting Event at Jayamon Center in Tarzana. If you are interested to come please RSVP here.  Classes at Jayamon are available in English and Farsi/Persian. Please email me for more info.

Also, Sunday June 12th, I'll be teaching a 2hr FREE Intro to Yoga Workshop from 3-5pm at InYoga Center in Studio City. Here is their website: InYoga Center where we will spend some time discussing the philosophy and history behind yoga and also practice some of what we learned! This should be a fun and informative time for people who are brand new to the world of yoga, those of us who have been practicing but would like to learn more about the deeper dimension of yoga and if you've never practiced before! If yo u are interested to come please RSVP here.

Please be on the look out for upcoming events with Age of Aquarius and Just Move!

Apr 3, 2011

Lots of news

First and foremost, Happy Spring Season! If some of you have been feeling slow and slothy like me, chances are you've gotten the Spring season itch. It's normal and a part of our nature to be coming back to Earth. So with that said, all classes for the next couple weeks till we get out of the funk will be electrifying, invigorating and uplifting. Look forward to see you all.

In other news, I've started a woman's circle called Age of Aquarius that will meet monthly to create community and support for women. If you are interested to find out more, please email me or join the AofA facebook page here . I hope to see all you lovely ladies at our first meeting at the end of April. Details TBA.

Lastly, I've entered a readers poll to win the front cover of Yoga Journal magazine. If you want to help out, please vote for me here and tell all your friends! But remember, only one click a day or that vote will be disqualified. Thank you in advance for your support! I hope to win to represent for all the women out there who don't fit the classic yogini stereotype! This one's for all of us curvy ladies out there!


Mar 7, 2011

Spring is Upon Us

Please visit the contact page to sign up for my seasonal newsletters and announcements. I will also be posting a copy of the newsletter on the blog in case you didn't catch it! Hope you enjoy. I am offering special "Spring Cleansing" packages for private instruction, Reiki, and Essential Oil Therapy. And as always please contact me if you have any other questions.